Airsoft MasksWritten by: jaykuch Airsoft Masks Airsoft masks areitems meant to protect someone’s facefrom damage or getting hurt during airsoft games. Airsoft masks are preferredto plastic masks because the plastic masks can cause someone harm or even bruises in their faces thereforethey are not the best. Some airsoft maskspossess high FPS this translates that they have the capacity to shoot BBs at avery high speed and velocity and this is incredible to the users of thesemasks. These masks are of different types and shapes , this means someonechooses them depending on their preference and tests. They come with different prices , this one isalso tied to one’s financial ability. I am convinced that the higher the pricesthe better the quality. A brief highlightof the advantages of these masks; They have commendable visibility and thismeans that when worn one can be able to see easily and of course clearly ;Besidesprotection against strong sun rays ,their polarity also helps the use tobreathe well when in them therefore there is no fogging. They are indeed goodfor sports fanatics due to the highlighted strengths. A point to note is thatideally they go along with airsoft guns .One can also put them on along with glasses for their efficiency. Airsoft gunsconsume energy, in this essence they use batteries which are charged beforeuse. These batteries have got ways or tips to conserve them so that they can bedurable or rather be used for a long time without causing any inconvenience tothe user. Initially after they have been bought, they should be charged for atleast a tune of four hours because at the onset they have little or no chargeat all. Subsequently they are also charged as their power diminishes due tousage and it is recommended that they should be charged within 2.5-3 hours. Anotable point on the battery is that they should not be overcharged because ifdone so, the batteries get damaged and they can no longer hold any charge. Thiscan greatly impact the user negatively or bring some unnecessary expenses such as buyinganother one . The price ofairsoft masks ranges from USD 1-USD 20 depending on the quality and a place ofpurchase. The examples of these masks are skull airsoft half mask, lancertactical airsoft skull half mask ,Lancer tactical gray ABS maritime airsoftmask etc. As noted earlier they can come as a package with the guns and in thiscase they are toy guns . In summing up,Fromthe above explanations , as a player I believe there is always need to beaccompanied by the full gear for protection during playing. Airsoft masks should always be protected fordurability hence they should not be soaked in water for long since they caneven loose shape. Also they should be protected from fogging however othermasks have inbuilt mechanisms to prevent fogging. In a nutshell thisis a very useful summary on masks.